After a student graduates from high school and leaves our program, we want them to be prepared for the world. Whether they attend college, or enter the workforce, we view financial literacy as a priority when preparing our students for adult life. We attempt to increase financial literacy through our Mentoring and Entrepreneurship (ME) program. The ME Program encourages students to think critically and expand their understanding of finances. During ME, we invite entrepreneurs and professionals from various fields to share their personal work experiences with our students. Along with the real-world experiences shared by guest speakers, tutors regularly hold conversations with students revolving around personal development and adulting. Some of these topics include budgeting, saving, compound interest, and the overall stock market.

Our programs are tailored around our students interest. In the past year we have had real estate, health, and law professionals come speak with our group. Through our Lincoln Chapter, students have been participating in skill labs where they collaborate on projects in team settings and learn more about STEM!

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ROSS is a safe place for all students, mentors, and volunteers. In supporting our participants, we encourage our mentors and students to build a relationship founded on trust and respect. At ROSS, we uplift and empower our students to become confident young men and women.