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In our after-school club, students have the opportunity to receive weekly homework help along with various skills labs. These skills labs include physical activities, arts & crafts, and exhibiting fun facts about South Sudan. Our after-school club in Lincoln started in 2020 and has since grown to include more than 40 students.


Here at RLL, we believe that the skills used in STEM are more valuable than the final STEM product. These STEM skill labs have allowed our students to learn about effective communication through teamwork, brainstorming, problem solving, and creativity. 


Our 202l Summer Program was pivotal for incorporating a sense of community as the foundation. Our weekly programs fostered this sense of community through the following events: Woods Tennis Center lessons, Sports Days, Creative Arts, and Saturday Fundays. In addition, our community engagement programs molded a safe space for all leaders and students alike.


RLL hosted a basketball clinic open to all youth in March of 2021. At our basketball clinic, volunteers led our students through an intense basketball workout, after which they participated in competitive games. This basketball clinic not only allowed students to come and connect through a shared love of the game, but it also offered them a chance to learn about our future programs and events.

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